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Being overweight is not just a matter of looking better.

Your health and quality of life are at stake!

Easy, Achievable Weight Loss Program

Our goal with any weight loss program is not just to lose weight – it’s to achieve safe, permanent results. We find the underlying issues that have prevented you from achieving and maintaining weight loss, address them and then give you the key to lose weight effectively and for life.

The Problem:

Crash diets can be as useless and harmful as when you starve yourself, about 50 percent of the weight you lose is lean muscle.

  • Your muscles produce enzymes that burn fat. So it follows that when you have less muscle, you are producing fewer enzymes and you are reducing your “calorie burning engine.”
  • Finally, when you are hungry for a long period of time, your body’s defenses against “starvation” begin to kick in. In other words, in order to protect yourself from wasting away, your body will naturally slow down the metabolism in response to having less food, thus making it even more difficult to burn calories and shed body fat.


The Solution:

  • Patients eat a breakfast, lunch and dinner where a protein and healthy carb is consumed at each meal. To ensure balanced blood sugar and NO sugar withdrawals, a protein mini-drink is taken between meals. This is NOT a meal replacement or a shake, but an in-between snack to prevent cravings while providing key nutrients to the body.
  • By combining proteins and carbs in the right ratio, patients are bio-chemically set to use their excess body fat for fuel and not lose muscle mass. Most importantly, people eat real food, NOT meal replacements, shakes and bars. A count system is NOT used that is impossible to maintain over time. In this way, patients learn correct food habits so as to NOT revert back to unhealthy ones once they achieve their weight loss goals.
  • Most importantly, while on the program, patients do NOT feel hungry, do NOT have craving and feel GREAT with energy, mental alertness and wonderful sleep.
  • Up to 25 lbs can be lost in 5 weeks!! Other than some water lost in the first week, thereafter, it is all fat loss. In this way, significant inches are lost across 7 points on the body.

Real Client Success

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Weight Loss Testimonials

I lost 17 pounds and am still dropping. When I started I had extreme headaches daily. The staff realized I had high blood pressure and I have been working on getting it to normal. Almost there! I don’t have bad headaches anymore and love the fact that I’m losing weight throughout the holiday season. This is a first. No regrets. I love Magnolia Medical.

— Della, Murfreesboro

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The typical outcomes experienced in a clinical study, over 10 weeks include:

  • 27.3 lbs lost
  • 18.6 inches lost
  • 30 Points Blood Pressure Reduction
  • 20.4% Cholesterol Reduction
  • 40% Triglycerides Reduction
  • 41 Points Fasting Blood Sugar Reduction

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