5 Heart Healthy Recipes

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Heart disease is the leading cause of the death in both men and woman in the United States. About 1 in every 4 deaths is due to heart disease. Taking the proper measures to ensure your heart is staying healthy is vital. Let us help you with some healthy eating!

It’s dinner time and you are trying to figure out something healthy and delicious for dinner. Sometimes it can be a daunting task to find the combination of “healthy AND tasty.” We are hear to help you navigate the many amazing recipes that are out there. With your healthy heart being one of the key components in overall good health, here are a few recipes that help make a heart strong.

1. Black Bean Croquettes with Fresh Salsa

The spicy and tasty recipe takes staples liked canned black beans and frozen corn and transforms in these amazing croquettes in minutes. Serve with warm corn tortillas, coleslaw and lime wedges.


2. Honey-Soy Broiled Salmon

This is another great choice in a great tasting heart healthy meal. A sweet, tangy and salty mixture of soy sauce, rice vinegar and honey does double-duty as marinade and sauce. Toasted sesame seeds provide a nutty attractive accent.

Make it a meal: Serve with brown rice and sautéed red peppers and zucchini slices.


3. Grilled Pork Tenderloin Marinated in Spicy Soy Sauce

Crisp on the outside and buttery-tender on the inside, these sweet and spicy soy sauce-marinated pork tenderloin medallions make for a delicious, healthful and elegant entrée.

Make it a meal: Serve with snow peas, brown rice and Sour Mango Salad on the side.


4. Marmalade Chicken

Orange marmalade and freshly grated orange zest make a deliciously tangy sauce for quick-cooking chicken tenders.

Make it a meal: Add brown rice or quinoa with your favorite steamed veggie


5. Cream Cheese-&-Pesto-Stuffed Chicken Breast

Cream Cheese and pesto make a delectable filing for lean chicken breast. Use this technique to experiment with other fillings as well, such as ham and cheese or goat cheese and chopped olives.

Make it a meal: Use a whole wheat pasta bed and of course add broccoli or asparagus.


Comment below and let us know how you liked these recipes!! Happy Eating!!