Enjoying your drinks without all the sugar

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Everyone loves a refreshing drink – but no one needs the high sugar content. In the current market the variety of drinks to choose often contain sugar as a main ingredient. Bad labeling of sugary drinks that promote “health benefits” seems to target children. As a parent you are trying to find the best things to help your children grow strong and healthy.
Here some ways to have flavor but not the sugar:

1. Sparkling flavor water without the sugar

Flavored waters are a very popular drink, but be careful to read labels. Brands like La Croix, Pierre or San Pellegrino have flavored sparkling waters that do not have the added sugar. Read labels and find one you love!

2. Adding fruit or infusing water

Another great way to enjoy sugar free drinks is to add fruits to your drink. Adding lemon or even lime is a usual way to drink water, but some other great add-ons are cucumber, strawberries or kiwi. This is a colorful and tasty way to take your water to the next level.
A similar approach is infusing your water with fruit, vegetable and herbs. Pick out your favorite combination and add to water. Allow the combination to sit for a few hours and you have fantastic tasting water. The combinations are endless!

3. Juice and Seltzer

Another great option is a mixture of juice and seltzer. You take a juice like cranberry or cherry, unsweetened of course, and add seltzer or even an unsweetened sparkling water. The two together create a tasteful treat. This gives wonderful flavor but not the added sugar. Let your imagination go wild!

There are many ways to stay hydrated and quench your thirst without having tons of sugars! The combinations are in great number, so find your favorites and look for new ones as well.