Functional Medicine

  • What is Functional Medicine?

    Functional medicine works to identify and address the underlying causes of disease. Only by addressing each patient’s personal health can real inroads be made and true health and wellness be achieved.

  • Thyroid & Fatigue

    Do You Have Chronic Fatigue Or Exhaustion, Insomnia, Sleep Problems Or Hair Loss? If so, you need to know why. Find out some of the common warning signs of thyroid dysfunctions.

  • Balancing Your Hormones

    Bring your hormones back into balance naturally–new solutions to manage and support your hormones! Take an in-depth look at our Hormone Balance Program and how hormones relate to your health.

  • Allergies

    Magnolia Medical Center is pleased to offer exciting and innovative allergy treatment options that do not require shots and work to boost your body’s own immune system to help combat those allergy symptoms!

  • Food Sensitivities

    At Magnolia Medical Center, our staff can identify your specific food sensitivity and suggest proper dietary changes to resolve the issue, as opposed to spending your life on prescription meds which only relieve the symptoms.