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Minimally Invasive and Drug-Free Solution for Pain

At Magnolia Medical Center in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, we offer a unique, multi-prong approach to treating tingling, burning, and throbbing pain that may be linked to Peripheral Nerve Pain. We are dedicated to helping hundreds of patients like you find pain relief fast for improved quality of life and well-being.

Stop The Tingling and Burning Pain and Regain Control of Your Life It is What We Do You Do Not Have to Live with Debilitating Pain Anymore

Have you been looking for lasting “solutions” that are not really helping? Are you tired of the constant, annoying, and life-disrupting hand and foot pain? With the nagging, aching, throbbing, burning, prickling, and tingling pain, you are forced to keep turning down the things you love to do.

If you have been suffering from pain associated with Nerve Damage, you might have started accepting that there is nothing much you can do about it.

We understand that it is not easy. We are here for you and glad that you found us. When patients come to us, they are usually frustrated with the options given by their doctors and are looking for other better options. By the time they find us, they are sure they have done “everything” to find a solution for their nerve pain. We cannot wait to show you what we have to offer. We are with you every step of the way to give you hope that things will be better soon. Our non-surgical, natural opioid-free solutions to nerve pain are effective. We want to address the root cause and stop covering up the pain. We are confident that we can help you minimise the burning, scorching, and sharp pain caused by nerve damage and, in some cases, eliminate it entirely. It is our speciality.

  • No More Throbbing, Sharp Foot or Hand Pain
  • Stop Popping Pills
  • Stop the Burning & Tingling
  • Forget Waking Up Thinking About Pain
  • Get Rid of the Pain All Night
  • Time to Stop Ignoring the Pain
  • Don’t Settle for Typical Pain Management Solutions
  • Forget the Side Effects of Medication
  • Wake Up with No Pain
  • Avoid Surgery
  • Regain More Energy to Do Whatever You Want
  • Walk Without Limping and Pain
  • Become More Active & Agile Again
  • No More Wasted Days
  • A Pain-Free Life Is Possible

How Can We Help?

What Causes Peripheral Nerve Pain?

Peripheral nerve pain refers to the various conditions that cause damage to the peripheral nervous system, which often causes weakness, numbness, and pain in the hands and feet. Other body areas can also be affected, including circulation, urination, and digestion. The peripheral nervous system is a vast communication centre that sends information between the central nervous system (spinal cord and brain) and other body parts. The condition may affect various nerves, impacting a variety of locations differently, and may affect one or several nerves simultaneously. Peripheral nerves send different information to the central nervous (CNS), like informing you when your feet or hands are cold. It sends signals to the muscles telling them to contract when we move. Various signals help control everything in the body, including digestion, urination, sexual function, bones, immune system, heart, and blood vessels.

The peripheral nerves work similarly to the cables that connect to different computer parts. When the nerves are damaged, intricate body functions can be severely affected and stopped. This can disrupt nerve signalling in the following ways:

● Signal loss (like a broken wire)
● Inappropriate signalling when there should not be (such as static on a telephone line)
● Distortion of messages being sent leading to errors (like when the television sends wavy pictures)

Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms

Peripheral neuropathy symptoms can range from mild to disabling and can affect different nerves, impacting various locations in different ways and are rarely life-threatening. Symptoms depend on the type of nerves affected and damage severity, which develops over days, weeks, or years. Sometimes, the symptoms may improve themselves and may not need advanced care. Peripheral nerve cells continuously grow throughout a person’s life, unlike the nerve cells in the CNS. Common symptoms may include tingling, temporary numbness, sensitivity to touch, muscle weakness and wasting, pricking sensations (paresthesia), burning pain (especially at night), paralysis, abnormal sweating, inability to digest food, and sexual dysfunction.

Over 20 million people in the United States are affected by peripheral neuropathy, with the number of people affected by it significantly increasing. Not every person with nerve pain symptoms is tested for peripheral neuropathy, and the current tests don’t look for all types of nerve damage. Due to the complexity of its symptoms, nerve pain is often misdiagnosed.


For Fast Relief

Electric Cell Signaling (ECS)

We have various treatment plans, and one of the most effective protocols for pain relief is a technique known as Electric Cell Signaling (ECS), based on the physics of resonance (the electrical signaling between cells). Resonance is similar to the tuning of a piano-when the tuner strikes the piano string to adjust the vibration energy to create a sound- an ideal pitch or tone for the piano. ECS works similarly to optimize the energy levels (resonance) between the cells. Intercellular communication normalises when the signals are optimized and “tuned” properly. The cells can transfer energy successfully to heal injured tissues and relieve pain. The following causes pain relief:

● pH normalization
● Trophic improvement
● Hormone/ligand activity imitation
● Membrane permeability Improvement
● Immune system support (Gap Junction) via improved cell-to-cell communication
● Activation of Regeneration…Cell repair and normalization (cAMP)

Science Does It All!

Quantum Resonance-Specific Induction (QRSI™)

We propose an encompassing model concept called “Quantum Resonance-specific Induction (QRSI)” to make the point that the electric currents and electromagnetic energy fields administered for pain treatment electronically induce and amplify resonant subatomic particle movements and activity to create recovery within cells. Quantum Resonance-Specific Induction (QRSI™) technology affects the electric signaling currents and electromagnetic energy fields administered for pain treatment. It amplifies sub-atomic particle movements and activity to create healing within cells.

Harness Your Own Body’s Healing

We offer Natural Injection Therapies for Pain Relief
According to research, using your own growth factors can be as effective (or even highly effective) as anti-inflammatory medications or cortisone, especially in the early stages of arthritis and nerve pain. Our alternative approaches to treating chronic pain leave our patients excited about the life-changing results.

We Offer Treatment Plans for Pain Caused By The Following:
● Pain Caused by Other Degenerative Nerve Conditions
● Diabetic Nerve Pain
● Nerve Damage
● Sensory Nerve Damage
● Chronic Nerve Issues
● Autonomic Nerve Damage
● Motor Nerve Damage

Do Not Give Up

When Other Treatment Plans Fail, Our Treatment For Peripheral Nerve Pain Has Proven To Be Successful

We have continuously helped hundreds of patients suffering from chronic nerve pain. Electronic Signal Technology (EST) treatments are administered through varying electric fields, electromagnetic vector potentials and chaotic frequency-specific microtubule vibration to tissues, mainly in the affected areas, which are induced to re-establish normal cellular healing processes.

Every Person’s Pain Is Different- This Is Why We Customize Treatment Plans Based On Your Unique Needs.

Suppose you are living with painful symptoms. In that case, our Customized pain treatments offer invaluable help to address your peripheral nerve pain finally and regain your energy, confidence, and improved quality of life.

We use cutting-edge, FDA-cleared technology, including injections, nutritional supplements, and physical therapy. Your care plan is customised based on your specific condition and unique needs. There is no one size fits all treatment from us! With our leading, modern therapies, you can be assured that it is safe, non-invasive, and gentle, done in-office. It improves circulation, minimises swelling, promotes tissue healing, minimises swelling, and relieves pain. Everyone can benefit from our effective treatments, including professional athletes and sports teams, to enable fast recovery from injury.

Our Treatments Work So You Do Not Live Another Day with Pain- You Can Find Relief.

The Main 6 Benefits of Our Peripheral

Nerve Pain Treatments
Every day we are delighted by the successful treatment of our patients and seeing the improvement in their health. Our unique nerve pain protocol allows our patients to reduce and eliminate even the most severe nerve pain. The following are the top benefits of our pain relief treatment plans:


Increased Energy Levels

Peripheral nerve damage pain can be debilitating and may limit every aspect of your life, preventing you from doing your day-to-day activities like walking, exercising, and social time with friends and family, including quality sleep. The anxiety and discomfort from tossing and turning most nights without sleep due to throbbing and burning foot and hand pain can become unbearable. After our treatments, most patients have reported significant improvements in their health, making them more energized, vitalized, and lively. There is no incredible feeling than knowing you can live a life free of nerve pain.


Forget The Pills

Can you imagine not having to stay in long queues at the pharmacy? Living without feeling constipated, nauseated, or tired from taking your pain medications because of your hand or knee pain can sound like a dream, but it is possible. Our nerve pain treatments allow patients to experience fast and long-lasting pain relief using ECS and natural therapies. You can go ahead and make plans for trips, athletic activities, or vacations without worrying about being limited by pain. A pain-free life is only a phone call away.


Your Ability to Exercise Again Is Possible

Regular exercise is essential to the body. We understand that it is difficult to work out when you have chronic nerve pain. Usually, it is challenging to stay motivated to exercise even without pain. Once you begin your treatment with us, you can regain your ability to exercise without pain. You can play golf, or ball, go for long relaxing walks and do any activity you want. Life without pain can help you live and do the things you have always loved without stress.


Improved Mobility and Strength

Being unable to get around and perform the activities you love can be nerve-racking. Always asking for help and using assistive mobility devices such as wheelchairs or a walker can be limiting. Chronic nerve pain is a severe condition that can affect your ability to drive, operate machinery, move around freely to work out, and enjoy gardening, painting, or swimming. You can regain control of your life by restoring your ability to walk around and your freedom to do anything you want, whenever you want. You do not have to waste another day living in pain.


No More Waking Up with Pain

What is the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning? If you have peripheral nerve pain, pain is probably the first thing you think about. When pain takes over your life, it is perhaps the first thing you think about when you wake up. Imagine waking up without worrying about debilitating pain every step you take. You can do your morning routine without scorching or burning pain. You can free yourself from pain in our offices just like other patients we have treated who report that they wake up feeling rejuvenated and pain-free.


Improve Your Quality of Life

As much as we want, we can live forever. Every second of every day is extremely valuable, and you should do everything you can to enjoy life. When in pain, you may feel like you are not living life as you should be. You might be feeling frustrated, grumpy, and tired from the pain. Patients report increased vitality, liveliness, and freedom with our pain treatments. You will have a fresh lease of life after your nerve pain is gone.

Our story

Here at Magnolia Medical Center in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, we are an integrated clinic specialising in functional medicine and physical rehabilitation using a holistic approach. With our extensively trained and talented team of experienced medical professionals, specialised therapies, and leading-edge technology, our patients can live a pain-free and active life. We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions to pain management. Instead, we address the underlying cause of your symptoms to help you get pain relief. We combine ECT treatments with other natural approaches to give the best treatment results for chronic nerve pain. We want our patients to feel better soon by offering a lasting solution to their nerve pain to return to their everyday lives.
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Neuropathy Murfreesboro, TN

The symptoms and type of neuropathy you may be suffering from largely depend on the types of nerves that are damaged. These include damaged motor nerves, sensory nerves, or autonomic nerves. With this in mind, it’s important to document what type of symptoms you may be experiencing prior to your visit to our office so we can better diagnose and treat your pain. To effectively treat the various types of neuropathy, we utilize a combination of natural therapeutic treatments such as acupuncture, corrective care, and nerve regeneration to reduce the severity of your discomfort.

We understand how unpleasant neuropathic pain is which is why we are proud to provide a comfortable, family-friendly office atmosphere for our patients. Our helpful, professional staff are here to help you manage your pain and help treat any underlying conditions.

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Neuropathy Murfreesboro, TN

Neuropathy is a medical condition caused by damaged nerve cells and is often associated with diabetes, metabolic disorders, cancer treatments and medication side effects. Peripheral neuropathy currently affects over 20 million people in the United States with symptoms ranging from tingling pain and numbness to burning pain, electrical shooting sensations and others. Our talented team of providers offer effective treatment options and NOT a lifetime of medication.

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What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

The peripheral nerves are those that extend outward from your spinal cord. Peripheral Neuropathy is a condition that develops as the result of nerve damage to your peripheral nerves. The symptoms usually develop in your hands and feet, but can advance to your arms and legs as well. The nerve damage affects the signals sent to your brain and you can experience pain, numbness and discomfort. Patients report this pain and numbness can be intolerable at times.

What are the Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy can affect large fiber nerves and small fiber nerves. Motor nerves control muscle movement. Sensory nerves receive sensations, like feeling the temperature or a vibration on your skin. Peripheral neuropathy can affect each of these systems, depending on the severity of your condition.

Symptoms may include:

  • Numbness in your hands or feet
  • Tingling or prickling sensations in your hands or feet
  • Sharp or electrical pains
  • Inability to differentiate hot from cold
  • Muscle weakness
  • Difficulty walking or lack of coordination leading to falls
  • Feet or hands becoming sensitive to the touch

What Causes Peripheral Neuropathy?

Nerve damage can result from a variety of conditions or illnesses including:

  • Diabetes
  • Toxins such as Agent Orange or Chemotherapy
  • Classes of medication including cholesterol lowering statin drugs
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Infections
  • Trauma
  • Surgical error

How is Peripheral Neuropathy Treated?

Managing symptoms through medication is the only treatment offered by most doctors. Unfortunately, this treatment option does not resolve the underlying reasons for neuropathy nor does it seek to restore nerve function. Further, many of the medications used to treat neuropathy slow down brain function and can speed up or lead to dementia.

Our team of medical providers at Magnolia Medical Center take an innovative and comprehensive approach to treating both your symptoms and the underlying causes of your neuropathy. A thorough health history and ample diagnostic testing help us determine underlying causes for neuropathic conditions. Then, a customized treatment plan is created which includes a combination of treatment modalities to reverse nerve damage and restore nerve function.

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