I came to Magnolia Medical Clinic about a year ago. I was very ill with GI problems and neurological problems. Conventional medicine failed me completely and I decided to turn to functional medicine. This was the best decision I ever made. I learned a great deal about my body and how to keep it healthy. They did extensive lab testing and gave me answers to problems. Through proper diet and the knowledge given me, I am so much healthier. I thank every one there for their help and for caring. A special thank you to Dr. Hilary Morrison who never gave up on me. I would highly recommend Magnolia Medical Clinic. They will restore quality of life!

– Mary C.

I had been dealing with neck pain and horrible headaches for years. I decided it was time to do something about it! Magnolia was the best place for that to happen. The neck pain is pretty much gone and the headaches don’t happen as often. The staff is amazing and super friendly. I will tell anyone to go here! You will get the help you need!

– Kimberley W.

Working through the pain of frozen shoulder was made not only tolerable but enjoyable with the help of this delightful team. I appreciated the up front cost so I knew what I was committing to as well as the collaboration with me, my insurance, and each other.

– Rachel W.

I came in for depression, joint pain, and weight loss. I am no longer depressed or have joint pain. I am nyself again. The restoration of my well being has given me the energy and desire to workout. I have lost 29 pounds over the duration of the program. Most emphatically I have the desire to put in the work to live a better life.

– C C.

I would give 6 stars if I could! I first reached out to Magnolia interested in their Functional Medicine program, and they more than exceeded my expectations. My goal was simply to feel better and fix some issues I was having with my body. Through some very thorough testing and analysis, Carrie, Hilary, and Angela helped me uncover some underlying issues and food allergies that I wasn’t even aware I had. They then put together a game plan and diet to suit my needs. GAME CHANGER! The changes weren’t immediate, but once I had fully incorporated their suggestions into my daily routine, it was a night and day difference. If you do nothing else, I would strongly suggest visiting with the team and let them change your life as well. While I was working on my Functional Medicine plan, I also discovered Magnolia offered Physical Therapy and Chiropractic services. Having used other chiropractors in the past, I thought I had a good sense of the services they would be providing and, as it turned out, my bar was set way too low. Being a former athlete, I have wear and tear on my body that only a certain amount of people can understand. Dr. Cramer and the team put together a customized plan of care for me and helped me get rid of those nagging aches and pains that I had been feeling for so long and had just accepted as part of my life. Magnolia helped me bring back a version of myself that I haven’t seen in a very long time. From the second you walk in the door, they treat you like family, and they genuinely want to see and help you feel better, regardless of your situation, needs, and goals. Whatever ailments you may have, I highly suggest reaching out to the team at Magnolia and let them help you too.

– Miles T.

It’s refreshing to have a doctor who goes to the root of the issue instead of medicating the symptom. Hilary has helped me transform a health issue to allow me to get of one of my medication that was making me sick from the side effects. She is efficient, kind, encouraging. Everyone there was friendly and supportive. After weeks of my program I started feeling better! I’m sleeping better and my pain has reduced. I can manage it without the all medication I was taking. I highly recommend this place to everyone that wants to be their healthiest self!

– Amy W.

Magnolia Medical Center, I truly believe was a God sent. About 3 months ago now I was at my lowest point, I have been dealing with thyroid problems for years going back and forth to my specialist doing follow ups, bloodwork (minimal bloodwork) changing medications here and there, playing around with the dosages and all the while still feeling the same… tired all the time, no energy, hurting and in pain almost every day and goin into a deep depression (and that scared me). My hair was falling out by the handfuls to the point I hated to even wash or fix it cause I just didn’t know how much more I could afford to lose… and on top of that dealing with Fibromyalgia that I had been diagnosed with a few years back… I just felt hopeless and defeated, but I wasn’t the only one that was suffering my kids were suffering and so was my husband!!! So I had to do something if not for me, then for my family. One night after I had washed my hair and again handfuls had fallen out, I just sat and cried praying God “ I don’t know what to do please help me, I can’t go on like this anymore…” A day or so later I believe it was on a Saturday afternoon I was on Facebook just scrolling through and I seen a video said something like “are you tired all the time, mentioned hair loss, mentioned thyroid and several other things and I remember checking off almost everything on the list… it said then you need to watch this video!!! So I sat there and watched Dr. Morris talk about the thyroid and how it works (or doesn’t work) T3/T4 and if Drs don’t do the right bloodwork then you won’t get accurate numbers and again I sat there through the whole video squalling my eyes out because I knew exactly what Dr. Morris was saying… after the video I told my husband “you have to watch this video, I have to go see these people!!” (Almost screaming at him.. lol) So I believe it was on that Monday I called made an appointment, they got me in right away for consultation to explain the program and after the appointment I knew that this was something I had to do if I wanted to get better… and I am SO HAPPY to say that I feel amazing, and it’s only been 3 months… there has been a lot of testing/bloodwork and now I’m on quite a bit of supplements, but if that’s what it takes to get better then I’m more than willing. I’m not 100% yet, but I am well on my way.. From the first consultation to my first appt with Angela and Hillary (whom I adore

– Tara H.

One year ago I came to Magnolia Medical looking for help with my digestion. I came in feeling blah. I had stomach pain, bloating, gas, and just felt miserable. I was on medication for reflux, anxiety, depression, and high cholesterol. After blood work they found I was also diabetic. They changed my diet and took me off foods that I had a high sensitivity to. They gave me supplements to help with my new way of eating. Let me tell you that this has been the best year of my life. I am off all of my previous medications. I have lost 52 lbs. and I feel wonderful. I went through a personal loss in Aug but with Hilary’s help I was able to go through my pain without going back on my medications and have been able to maintain my diet. I have since reintroduced some of the foods I was taken off of but I do it with much caution and moderation. There is still some foods I was told I could go back to eating but have not felt the need to go back to them just yet. I have learned so much from everyone here and I thank each and everyone of you for all the support and encouragement. My life will never be dictated by food again.

– Kim M.

Magnolia Medical has been a true blessing to me. I haven’t felt this great in years. The whole experience here has been truly amazing. The staff is friendly, courteous, very knowledgeable, and go out of their way to make each patients experience a special one…I would highly recommend Magnolia Medical to everyone…Thanks Magnolia Medical for making me feel ten years younger…… So very grateful for each and everyone of you.. Shawn

– Shawn L.

So thankful I found Magnolia Medical center. The evening I walked threw the door my pain was a10 plus with my knee. I was very impressed with my consultation when Dr. Cramer went over my X-ray. He and his staff was very comforting letting me know they could help me.I can not thank them enough for the care they have given me.I would recommend anyone needing this kind of help to go see them first you will not be disappointed.The whole staff is amazing.

– Teresa P.

these are the KINDEST people you will ever meet! they restore your body and your soul to good places! will always recommend them to anyone.

– Ramsey T.

As a accident victim entered tight and stiff left limber and feeling good. Staff was motivated and friendly.

– David S.

Lots of stretching and strengthening exercises with good supervision and explanation! Full service for your health! Adjustments and Decompression available to facilitate health and healing!

– David G.

I love how everyone knows my name! The staff is super friendly. They care about your health. They took the time to listen to all my concerns and answer all my questions.

– Amy W.

I am so grateful to be a patient at Magnolia Medical Center. I feel like the team of providers takes my quality of health very seriously and will stop at nothing to get answers for the health issues I’ve faced.

– Brittany T.

great staff and very caring and professional place…very happy with the treatment and care I am receiving

– Kyle D.

Magnolia Medical has improved my over all way of life and well being. This has all happened without medication too! I have encouraged and recommend family members and friends to try this life changing program. Magnolia helps and cares about all of their patients.

– Jessica J.

Very simple, you have an issue or pain that won’t subside, see Magnolia Medical! They will help you handle the cause of it for good!

– Keith H.

I’m extremely satisfied with Magnolia medical center & staff. I would recommend this to most people. If your serious about feeling better and getting the help you truly need this is the place to go.

– Christine K.

I am absolutely pleased with the care and professionalism of everyone that works at Magnolia Medical that they have given to me. I had injections and so far I have had a great change in my medical condition in the first four weeks of care after the injections! A great place!

– Connie L.

I’m just getting started on my journey to feeling good. Everyone there are very nice and friendly, always ready to answer your questions.

– Debbye C.